Phone service

more personal – more flexible – more comfortable

The phone service from Executive Office GmbH

If you are busy with making some businessand you don’t want to be disturbed by appointments with customers, you want to have some more leeway for concentrating on work or just take some time for yourself and go on holiday

We are always present for you, whenever you need us

Whenever you cannot ou can’t personally take the phone, to suffice a keypress , we answer to the incoming phones in the name of your company. Your customers do not reach an answering machine but someone takes personally the messages.

We list the messages for you, we capt all dates importants from the caller/ enhance the relevant appointments requests of the callers, and give you instantaneous notices receiving the phone call, by request, after agreement with you either per SMS, E-mail, pager or fax.

More Than your individually phone secretariat, we inform you according to yours instructions, we immediately transfer you the calls that you expect, and send, if requested, brochures and listes of prices with your mail-address as sender.

You can be reached by phone, flexibly and easily, without any notification and without voice-box for your customers. We assist you exactly there where you wish it, at the service quality that you desire